The estate

English Propriété emblématique de l'Anjou, le Château de Fesles ainsi que son domaine viticole furent construit au XIe siècle au sommet du 4ème point culminant du Val de Loire. Sa position géographique exceptionnelle ainsi que sa proximité avec la rivière du layon lui permettent de produire des vins au caractère racé et complexe.

Over the centuries, a succession of aristocratic families have owned and maintained the Château de Fesles, gradually developing the vineyard. In the 19th century, the property was bought by a family of keen winemakers - the Boivin family.

For three generations the family overcame numerous challenges, including the dreaded phylloxera. They greatly contributed to the vineyard's growth, improving viticulture and wine-making techniques and developing sales. In 1991 the property was completely refurbished at the request of its then owner, Mr Gaston Lenotre.

A thousand years after the château was first built, the Helfrich family - owners of the 50-hectare estate since 2008 - continue to work hard to get the best from this terroir